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Shalom and welcome! My name is Baruch Rabinowitz. I was born on December 31, 1973 in Moscow I grew up in Denmark. I studied, lived, and worked in 12 different countries. I am a cosmopolite and feel myself comfortable crossing cultures, languages and borders. Since my early childhood, and until today, search for Divine has played one of the most important roles in my life. During my spiritual quest I explored Judaism in all its diversity, as well as other religions and spiritual traditions. I've learned that the Message of Love was transmitted to different peoples in different languages using images and vocabulary mostly suited for them. I've learned to appreciate the richness and variety of human experience with the Divine. My own search for spirituality brought me each time back to my roots.

Judaism is where my soul is rooted, it is the native language of my being. Though ordained as an orthodox rabbi I feel myself at home within the reconstructionist and renewal Jewish community. I feel blessed and proud to belong to the Jewish People, share its rich heritage, preserve it and pass it on to the next generation. 

Just like our Patriarch Jacob, also I struggled with God - though I am not sure who won the battle. Familiar with ups and downs, disappointments and hopes, defeats and miracles, I am happy to share my experience with everyone. Rooted deep in the Jewish spiritual tradition, enriched by the universal experience of God, I want to share with you the message of the Torah in a radically new way - together we will turn it into our very own Book of Experience, learning from it how to deal with our very own past, present and future. Its all about our own liberation. May the journey continue! 

Ask the rabbi: What is FAITH? Discover the creative power within YOURSELF!

Hello everyone! One of the most greatest misconceptions is about the faith. Faith is understood as an intellectual activity. No wonder it doesn't work. Faith is an emotional state and is a creative force given us by God. Feelings are the magnets and the channels that attract and manifest the reality we feel. Learn in this video how to discover and use this immense power for creating the life of your dreams!

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